"I made an appointment with Ruth Ellen so I could talk to someone that was neutral but also someone who had been through infertility issues like me. I found myself being more open and honest with her than I have been with anyone in my life. I felt as if a weight had been lifted when I left the office and that feeling continued on throughout the rest of the week. I was amazed at how this purging about something that I felt no one understood was such a huge relief to my soul."

"I was directed to Ruth Ellen years ago, after I suffered my first miscarriage. I was grateful for her then, and even more so when I suffered my second. She is a warm, genuine, nurturing presence in my life. Now that I am past my infertility and a happy parent, I continue to see her in therapy. She has become a wonderful touchstone as I navigate the pitfalls of parenting and life in general. She is, as my people say, a blessing."

 "It was my good fortune to have entered treatment with Ruth Ellen Saul three years ago, and to have seen her on an ongoing basis ever since. I moved to Madison from a great distance, and was not at all optimistic about the prospect of finding a therapist with whom I would feel a rapport. I needed a professional who was richly educated, experienced and insightful, and whose own personal balance was apparent.

Ruth Ellen has indeed offered me wonderful professional companionship as I have been struggling with issues of trauma, depression, health, relocation and relationship. She receives me with both heart and head, and offers honest reflection. There is serious pursuit of understanding and change in her care. Sometimes that process requires readings, explanations and definitions. Sometimes it requires dialogue or monologue, quiet contemplation, laughter or tears."

"While visiting my sister in Madison from my home in Texas, I confided my problems trying to get pregnant at age 41 when my husband was about to go through chemotherapy. She suggested talking to Ruth Ellen, who helped me clarify my goals, and told me what to look for (and what to look out for) in medical and mental health resources back home. She followed up with me by phone. She cared. Last Christmas, again in Madison, it tickled me to introduce her to our daughter."

"When my daughter died before she was born, I was lost. Some people just didn’t know what to say to me, and actually avoided me. Other made judgments about how I should be recovering. I have never felt so alone. Ruth Ellen took me under her wing and patiently helped me put me back together.

I am forever grateful."

"Dear Ruth Ellen, I just wanted to thank you for your help in the last few months. Last summer, when I called to schedule a first appointment, my husband and I were in the middle of infertility diagnosis, treatment, and emotions. The whole battle to have a child can take a toll on relationships with spouses, family, friends, and with ourselves. Right from the first call I could tell you were not only knowledgeable but also a caring person who knew about infertility and its far-reaching effects. I think because you have experienced similar things in your life it makes you able to connect with others on a deeper level. Thank you so much for helping us through a very confusing and difficult time. I still keep in mind the observations, suggestions, and advice that you shared with me. It keeps us going in the right direction with the right attitude. I have highly recommended you to others who have shared their struggle with me. Thank you for everything!"

"What can I say about Ruth Ellen? I went to see her because for my depression during infertility. But she became so much more than a shrink—she was my mentor, the keeper of my secrets, my safe place to blow off steam, my reminder that I wasn’t a terrible person because I could not create a pregnancy. Most of all, she was my coach. She helped talk my partner and me through some tough times and even tougher decisions. She opened my eyes to seek help in places I would not have considered previously. She helped me restore my Faith."

"Through Ruth Ellen’s expertise, encouragement, support and occasional challenge, I have found the possibility to pursue the personal alignment and growth that I demand of myself. She does not hide that my mental and physical health matter to her. It is important for me to work with a therapist who does not wear a professional mask. I am grateful for her show of Self, especially as it comes through in humor and compassion. Indeed, I am very fortunate to have found Ruth Ellen Saul."

"She gets me."