CAUTION! Psychotherapy may often lead to...

More self-confidence

A better understanding of yourself

More fulfilling relationships

Less anxiety and/or depression

More peace of mind

Insight into conflicts

Better control over life situations

Acceptance of things over which you have no control

A more loving, kinder self-image

Solutions to specific problems 

A reduction in troublesome behaviors

A more positive outlook

 It helps to have support.

If You Are...

Trying to rebuild your life and your spirit after a loss: job, health, relationship, death, and other losses

Troubled by symptoms, reminders, or thoughts related to traumatic experiences

Experiencing interruptions in concentration, sleep, other daily functions due to stress

Emotionally eating or experiencing other eating disorders, or distressed by your body image

Wanting to eliminate simple phobias (fear of bugs, needles, heights, etc.), or troublesome habits (smoking, emotional eating, etc.)

In conflict or tense with your partner, or simply trying to improve communication and could use some specific structure, guidance, techniques, or facilitation

Experiencing obsessions or thoughts that are disturbing, or fears that are persistent

Bothered by an inability to control your moods (i.e. inappropriate anger or crying)

Struggling in your work performance or other daily functioning concerns

Experiencing infertility or other difficulties/losses in creating the family of your dreams

Self-critical or dislike yourself--telling yourself that you are inferior, stupid, wrong, unworthy, etc.

Acting in ways that harm yourself or others, or fear you might

Feeling isolated, depressed, hopeless, guilty, anger, self-hatred, jealousy, highly stressed, overwhelmed, and/or desperate

I Can...

Collaborate with you to clarify your goals, develop a detailed plan to resolve or alter difficult circumstances, and then support you as you put your plan into action

Provide information about ways to bring down anxiety, depression, and stress levels in everyday life

Discuss private concerns that are difficult for you to address with friends or family

Provide assistance and perspective in making major life decisions

Facilitate difficult discussions between you and your partner, coworker, friend, or relative

Work with you to identify and alter thinking patterns that contribute to your private distress

Help you gain greater insight into personal dilemmas

Support and soften your anxiety, depression, grief, and stress

Assist you in gaining acceptance and peace of mind about unchangeable life circumstances

Teach you skills for managing difficult relationships, conflict resolution, and/or emotional stabilization, customized to your circumstances

Introduce you to resources and/or coordinate your care so that you get the services you need to resolve your concerns

Guide you through a process towards forgiveness to help you attain resolution about a past painful experience

Guide you towards returning stability and joy to your relationships with your partner, your self, and others important to you 

You don't have to do it alone. I can help.