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We dream of creating our families with joyous anticipation.

When circumstances go awry, the losses can be profound. The anxiety, stress, depression and grief surrounding your struggles are real, even though your losses may be invisible to others.

Your physical health, concentration, relationships, finances, spiritual foundation, and work may all be affected. You may feel very alone, or even feel that you are going crazy. To add insult to injury, the anxiety and depression that builds as a result of your difficult circumstances can itself add to the barriers in your path to parenthood. 

You don't have to do it alone. I can help.

If You Are...

• Feeling isolated, depressed, hopeless, overwhelmed, or desperate

• Seeking medical diagnoses or undergoing treatment

• Having difficulty separating baby-making from love-making

• Facing decisions about medical options, surrogacy, adoption, or living child-free

• Grieving failed attempts, miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss

• Experiencing infertility hoping for a first child or wanting additional children

• Considering and/or pursuing parenthood with difficulty, as a heterosexual, same-sex couple or as a single parent

• Experiencing strained relationships with family, friends, coworkers, or partner

I Can...

• Create a step-by-step plan with you to move you beyond infertility that considers your particular medical hurdles, relationships, spiritual concerns, and life circumstances

• Soften your anxiety, depression, and grief without medication

• Facilitate difficult times between you and your partner

• Teach you empirically-validated mind/body techniques that will reduce stress

• Provide practical information about various options for family-building or treatment, success rates, financial strategies, and other supportive resources

• Assist you in making life-altering, complex decisions

• Help return stability and joy to the relationships with your partner, yourself, and other important people

 It helps to have support.